Do you have a professional nurse on your legal team to maximize the value of your case or claim?

Nurses are crucial to the success of hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices. A medical legal nurse consultant can provide you with the insight others cannot, advise and offer solutions you need to achieve a higher quality case. I'd like to work with you.

Careful detailed work pays for itself. Timely, but accurate results when you need them. When you call Legal Nurse Collaborative, Jane Shufro is involved in every case. If you need qualified specialty experts, I can provide those as well.

Call Jane at (781) 296-9824 for a free consultation.

Who Do I Help?

Law firms, insurance companies, or hospitals that may or may not have an LNC, but want an “insider’s view” to a specialty area or expertise
Other Legal Nurse consultants on unique aspects of their cases
Corporations to evaluate claims that involve their company
Plaintiff and Defense

What Can I Do for You?

Evaluate and educate you about the standards of care and whether they were met and provide details from the medical record that support your case
Simplify medical jargon and break down complex procedures for the legal team and jury
Define important timelines that impact your case
Provide an opinion when required that is informed and persuasive

What Sets Me Apart?

I am a clinically active nurse, first and foremost, with years of current knowledge and expertise of the healthcare system. I actually "walk the walk" which translates to an efficient assessment of your case based on relevant practices and policies. Because I'm clinically active I constantly keep up with evolving trends such as electronic medical records, HIPAA, and the specialization of medicine. I'll provide you with a perspective you can rely on and the resources you need to evaluate your case.