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I provide value to your case and the benefits of networking with a qualified, experienced nurse who will focus on providing the most appropriate and cost-effective approach to your medical legal case. I handle all types medical related cases, but specialize in anesthesia related medical or surgical cases, sedation and monitoring, pain management and rapid response or code events.

What Can I Do for You?

  • Evaluate and educate you about the standards of care and whether they were met and provide details from the medical record that support your case
  • Simplify medical jargon and break down complex procedures for the legal team and jury
  • Define important timelines that impact your case
  • Provide an opinion when required that is informed and persuasive

Who Do We Help

  • Law firms, insurance companies, or hospitals that may or may not have an LNC, but want an “insider’s view” to a specialty area or expertise
  • Other Legal Nurse consultants on unique aspects of their cases
  • Corporations to evaluate claims that involve their company
  • Plaintiff and Defense

Attorney Liaison

Would you like more control of the medical facts of your case? My nursing background provides you with an informed edge that clarifies the case issues without the “medical speak.”

Court Trial Preparation

I specialize in helping attorneys find the right pieces of medical information during depositions and trials.  An experienced nurse advising your team can anticipate what is needed and will find key pieces of medical information in the records or depositions materials.


Medical Record Review

A varied nursing background is an essential and valuable asset in any case where health, illness, or injury is an issue. Eliminate the uncertainty about the quality of reports you receive.

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Locate Medical Experts

Choosing a medical expert witness is challenging, and many cases require more than one expert medical witness.  Imagine an industrial accident where medical issues need an expert in burns and another medical expert in plastic surgery. 


Independent/Defense Medical Examination

I can be a medical observer who will be present at the examination and write a report concerning the results.


Audit Trail Analysis

The audit trail is the stepping stone to more discovery, but it needs explanation.  My training in audit trail analysis can enhance your understanding of what the entries mean, fill in timelines, or point out objective data of what happened to the patient.  I am familiar with the different types of EMRs, their data dictionaries, and how to request specific data from certain systems.


What Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for your help with this case. Your report was excellent, and it was due in no small part to your report, that the plaintiff decided to stop pursuing the case as to the surgical center."

Julie E. Gendel
Scarinci Hollenbeck Lyndhurst, NJ, Defense Attorney

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